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NWT Arts Council's deadlines for funding proposals are October 31st and February 28th of every year.

The NWT Arts Council works to enhance and promote public appreciation of the arts in the Northwest Territories.

The NWT Arts Council provides creative development funding to support the personal growth and development of NWT artists.

The NWT Arts Council provides creation and production funding to support new artistic works by NWT artists.

The NWT Arts Council provides presentation funding to assist NWT artists in reaching their audiences.

Strategic Plan

The NWT Arts Council Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 can be found here.


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NWT Arts Council's deadline for spring funding proposal submissions is February 28th 2022.

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It was helpful for me to have 3 months to focus primarily on songwriting... and it also felt good to help songwriters hone their craft, which in turn helped me with the songs I was working on during the residency. I would not have been able to complete these goals without assistance from the Northern Arts Mentorship Program.

Leela Gilday, Yellowknife

I would like to thank the NWT Art Council for their contribution towards this project. I have been exploring photography for my adolescent years and now I am able to share my photographs with my hometown. This opportunity gives me a boost in my confidence in displaying my photography.

Melanie Jewell, Fort Smith

I had no idea about the dynamic process involved in staging a play. From words on a page to life ‘on its feet’ involved a team of more than a dozen people using skills ranging from organizational, creative, and social to workshop the piece and then hammer out the details… This having been my first experience as writer/producer, the learning curve was tremendous. It will always stand out as a highlight in my life.

Diana Mathisen, Yellowknife

We sincerely appreciate the support of the Arts Council. You have given us the opportunity to provide top quality workshops with professional instructors from the NWT and across Canada. Without your support, the fiddling community would be nowhere near the size it has become. The high involvement of youth in all of our activities is encouraging and we hope that fiddling will continue to grow in Yellowknife and throughout the Territories.

Aurora Fiddle Society, Yellowknife

The NWT Arts council funded Mindy Willett and Tessa McIntosh to share their books and writing process with any NWT community and they picked Fort Smith. Ten students were selected to work on the writing process with Mindy and do a photography workshop with Tessa. By the end of the week as a group, they co-wrote and illustrated one book with their own photos, and published it using a computer soft-ware program. Copies of the book were given to both schools.

Mindy Willett and Tessa McIntosh, Yellowknife

It was a very exhilarating to see this program come together and to see the results. I hope that we may continue our partnership, working together to mentor our new Artists for many years to come. It is because of funding agencies like the NWT Arts Council that I have this opportunity not only to grow and develop as an artist, but to share my knowledge and experiences with others to keep supporting our NWT Talent.

Leanne Goose, Inuvik

One of the goals of the project was to have the children have a sense of belonging to a group and a sense of identity. To this end, beautiful vests were sewn and beaded by three local women. The children wore the vests when we performed. Another goal was to learn songs not only in English, but also in the Dene language of Slavey. On behalf of the choir members and myself, I would like to thank the Arts Council for the opportunity to share in the funding and have experiences that we might not have had without the extra support.

Sister Margaret Ann Beaudette, Katlodeeche Children's Choir, Hay River Reserve

The generous support of the NWT Arts Council is appreciated by the Aurora Arts Society (AAS), artists, patrons and the community. The support enables the AAS to expand the number of events, remunerate artists, contributes to economic development, and encourages community awareness of and participation in the arts which contributes to a healthy and vibrant community.

Astrid Kruse, Aurora Arts Society, Yellowknife

I am very grateful for the funding support from the NWT Arts Council, as I would not have been able to write the initial draft script or music demos for “Shack Tales” without this financial contribution. The support has been very much needed in order to begin this work for the second show and I wish to convey my gratitude for this opportunity.

Pat Braden, Yellowknife

In the past two years we have been fortunate through the NWT Arts Council and other fundraising to bring Yellowknife instructors to Inuvik. These workshops have enabled many beginner quilters to develop into intermediate quilters. Access to NWT Arts Council funding continues to help the Guild promote textile arts within our community.

Shona Barbour, Inuvik Quilting Guild

I participated in a week-long bead camp offered by Red Deer College's Summer Series. Thanks to the NWT Arts Council grant I was able to attend this workshop and better my skills, and now have a small studio where I concentrate on creating new jewellery designs with the tools, equipment and supplies to make glass beads. I have shown my pieces at the Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre community artist show held over the month of August, and have already sold numerous jewellery pieces in the community Christmas Sale.

Chris DeWolf, Fort Smith

Practicing Gwich'in old time songs and dances is our main focus and this is where the youth really participate. It is very encouraging to see the youth being involved and participating; soon it will be their turn to continue Gwichin traditional song music and dances. On behalf of the committee and the community thank you for your continuing support.

Richard Wilson, Midway Lake Festival, Fort McPherson

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